Welcome to STEM for subsistence. We are a family of dedicated STEM enthusiasts who are seeking a lifestyle closer to nature and more in touch with the rhythms of the natural world. Currently, we live an urban lifestyle but are in the process of relocating to a rural setting. Along the way, we’ll develop and post educational materials that teach rigorous STEM concepts in the context of our transition to subsistence living. Please, join us while we go on this journey.

We enjoy STEM but are also passionate about gardening and hunting. Top left: a concept sketch of our automated indoor garden. Top right: a selection of peppers from summer 2018. Bottom left: a view from the 2018 small game hunting season. Bottom right: a diagram of one of our frequent hunting grounds.

Active projects

We are currently in active development of the following materials:

  • A series of articles and video lectures regarding the design, construction and testing of an automated indoor garden system. The aim of this series of articles is two-fold. First, to illustrate how a rigorous design process may be used to develop hardware that is able to produce food. Second, to introduce a variety of STEM concepts.
  • A portfolio of online courses aimed at teaching the STEM concepts covered in a Canadian K-12 curriculum. These courses are intended to present scientifically rigorous material in the context of rural/subsistence living. It is hoped that these courses will be a helpful resource for parents and children who are engaged in homeschooling or who are simply looking for an alternative context in which to teach STEM.

Recent Posts

Planning the hunt: Applying military planning techniques to hunting

We are passionate but novice hunters. As a result, we lack many of the instincts and skills that come with experience. Therefore, we have sought to apply lessons from our past professional lives to help us in our hunting endeavours. Specifically, we have a military background in our family and have thus applied planning techniques … Continue reading Planning the hunt: Applying military planning techniques to hunting

Automated indoor garden: video tour and explanation

Today we filmed a short video tour of our automated indoor garden. The garden is not completed yet but getting there day by day. Overall, the garden is comprised of the following systems and subsystems: Structure and soil containment system Growing environment separation and feline defence system Lighting, light intensity variation and lighting support system … Continue reading Automated indoor garden: video tour and explanation

Minecraft chicken reactor

Aside from our interests in hiking, hunting and gardening, we are also devoted gamers. Particularly, we enjoy Minecraft as a family. Minecraft shares many of the features that attract us to subsistence living; Minecraft includes harvesting resources, crafting them into useful things and surviving with ingenuity. We firmly believe that video games can be used … Continue reading Minecraft chicken reactor

Automated indoor garden: initial setup and moisture sensor calibration

*** See update at the end of this blog post *** Today we began integrating soil with computing hardware. Specifically, we setup our soil bins temporarily and wired in moisture sensors. We then calibrated those sensors; calibration culminated in the generation of curves such as the following. The first step in our work today was … Continue reading Automated indoor garden: initial setup and moisture sensor calibration

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